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Health Update

Well, it’s been kind of a painful week, but there’s good news. First off, I had my third follow-up x-ray yesterday, and the fractured ribs are stable and even better, my right lung has reinflated. So I’m out of the danger zone, I shouldn’t need any more medical follow-ups unless I do something dumb like fall or something. When I’m sitting still and relaxed, the pain is entirely manageable, it’s just getting up and moving around that still sucks. And I have to be careful how I move my right arm, my elbow doesn’t like being very far away from my body on that side. Needless to say, getting in and out of bed is kind of an adventure.

Anyway, everything's cool and I’m trying to get caught back up on NaNoWriMo. I’ve hit a bit of a snag. The couple of days I took off from writing because I wasn’t able to concentrate due to ouchies has lost me my momentum. I’ll push through it somehow. The only way to break a writer’s block is to write. Anything. So that’s part of what I’m doing now, hammering out a quick blog entry.

I’m also doing a sleep study. I have kind of lousy insomnia (as opposed to the good kind) and I finally got in to see a sleep specialist. I’m wearing a watch-like thing that records all my vital signs for two weeks while I keep a sleep diary. At the end of the two weeks, they’ll analyze the results and maybe do a more serious study on me. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that the doctor will say something to the effect of “Oh, we can fix that” and give me a CPAP machine or some such. But we shall see. No doubt the quality of a person’s sleep greatly impacts the quality of their life.

But that’s enough about my various health issues. Back to work!

Love n’ hugs!


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