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Counting Down to NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month starts this Sunday! My newest novel, "Sex, Death, and Other Strange Ideas" began as my NaNoWriMo 2019 project. Now it's published and I'm ready and raring to get started on Part 2 for 2020! I've got last year's NaNo t-shirt on the wall and it needs a companion piece, so expect updates on word counts as the days go by.

I had great help from the Twitter #WritingCommunity in getting SDaOSI published in time for Halloween. @4heartproofs helped me edit the final draft and @TheFaerth designed the stunning cover art. Huge kudos to both of them and I urge everyone to check out their work. You can tell them I sent you, and I don't even get a commission. Also, just the encouragement from the community was invaluable.

And speaking of encouragement, there's a soul out there who goes by the name of Coccinelle, without whom this may not have been possible. I'll treasure you always, Ladybug!

This will be my first ever attempt to maintain a website and a blog, but since I published my second novel and proved the first wasn't a fluke, I figured it was time to give it the old college try. Creating this thing was a nightmare and a half, I am NOT technologically inclined! As I write this, it's not even published yet, so we'll see how it goes.

Peace, love, joy, success, and happiness in all things!


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